New of me *Hijabrians* :)

Hi peace be upon you visiters :)
So today im gonna story about me.
Now im wearing hijabs.wuuu ^^ *proudmuch
My heart door was open to wearing hijabs. *Adakah heart door?hahahaha.
I wear it since July till now.Alhamdulillah :)
I don't knew why im wearing hijabs.Maybe cause Allah give me *Hidayah* from Hurul story :)
My family and my besties never ask me why im wearing hijabs.
They just said "Alhamdulillah" :) They doesn't complaining.
Cause of that i heart them fucking much.
And my boyfie too doesn't ask me for that.He was understanding.Im proud to have him :D
So i have some pictures of me and friends wearing Hijabs.Let's go guys!

 Im who wearing purple kurung.Besides me is Jijie.
 Me,Jijie and my twins Kakong.
 Me,Hurul,Kakong,Yui and G-da *She was Christian.
So that is me!hehe.

My story end here.Bye.